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Darwin-OP Simulation on Webots and DRC-Sim(Gazebo)


The Goals of my Independent Research are

  • Implementing ZMP walking on the Darwin-OP on Simulators DRC-Sim(Gazebo) and Webots.
  • Darwin vision sensor: Simulate in Webots and DRC-Sim that Darwin can track position of colored ball and walk towards the ball.
  • Implementing Preview control on the Darwin-OP on Webots and DRC-Sim(Gazebo).

Goal 1 : Understand ZMP walking for Darwin-OP

MY 1st step was to understand what ZMP was and defining the parameters for the Darwin-OP. This pdf gives a gist of what ZMP is and how it applies to the Darwin-OP. zmp_for_the_darwin-op.pdf

Goal 2 : Darwin-OP tracking a Ball and walking towards the Ball

Goal 3 : Implementing Preview Controlled for Darwin-OP

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