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Walkthrough Tutorial for Simulating Darwin-OP Walk on Gazebo

This tutorial is to implement the Darwin-OP Color Ball following on Gazebo. This tutorial assumes that you have Gazebo - version 1.7.1 installed and also Github Installed and have basic knowledge of Gazebo. To understand Gazebo you can follow the tutorials I have authored here.

To understand how this tutorial works and what it is doing follow this tutorial : Simulation on Gazebo

Step 1

Clone from the Git repository :

git clone

Step 2

Copy the contents to the gazebo Models directory

cp -r Darwin_OP ~/.gazebo/models/

Step 3

Go into the directory where everything is copied into

cd ~/.gazebo/models/Darwin_OP/Darwin-OP\ tracking\ Ball

Step 3

Create a build directory and compile the plugins in the build directory.

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

Step 4

Add the plugins to Gazebo plugin path.


Step 5

Move the world file to the build directory.

cd ..
cp darwinBallFollow build
cd build

Step 6

Open the world file that we just copied using Gazebo in pause state.

gazebo -u darwinBallFollow

Run the world and you will see that the Darwin-OP walks to the ball.

The current version has friction issues and hence the Darwin is not programmed to turn towards the ball if it is not at the center of the Darwin-OP's frame. But it walks closest(.1m) to the ball and stops.

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