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Yu Hang He Tesla 2019 Journal

Author: Yu Hang He, Email:
Date Last Modified: 08/26/2019

Week 4

New Person

This week, my new roommate arrived. His name is Chris Tran and he is a HR intern at Tesla. Chris and I had a very long discussion during which we shared our experience in our respective field. Chris had a number of internship experiences. Before coming to Tesla, he had completed a internship with BMW's HR department. During our discussion, I learned a lot about the responsibility of HR department and what interviewers are looking for in their candidate. Chris is very excited to start his internship in Tesla.

What I Learned about Myself

Robotic is a rapidly growing field, without constantly learning about new concepts and technology, you will not be able to complete in the frontier of the field. After the trip to Boston, I realized that there are so many area in the robotic field that I have yet explored. This is an opportunity for me to learn as much as possible.

Project Status

I finished making the first prototype for the mount on Spot. I created a program for Faro laser scanner that can remotely start a scan and track its progress. I coordinated with Blake on the materials necessary to construct a pitch and tilt mount for a Pico Flexx camera. We decided on a small form factor that may be mounted on Spot.

Project Agenda

Next week, I will finalize the mount design and start manufacturing it if possible. Start looking into E-stop for Spot.

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