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DASL UAV Training Program

Authors: Jadin Tredup and Michael Salinas
E-Mails: [email protected] [email protected]
Date: Last modified on <8/21/16>
Keywords: UAV, Training, Drone, Multicopter, Multirotor
Note: This is a live document, meaning lessons may be moved, added, removed, or changed, as time progresses. It is important to check the date it was last modified. If it has been modified since your last visit, please read the update log to see if any information important to you has been changed.

The above picture depicts the UAV students will be building in lesson #2 of the training program. This training program was put together based off of, and in conjunction with a training program undergone by both authors and conducted by Lee Van Tassle. This program will consist of twelve lessons, meant to be done weekly, and will cover aspects of UAV piloting including, but not limited to: rules and regulations, UAV construction, UAV flight techniques, and UAV flight automation.

Motivation and Audience

UAV's are a recent technology that are highly versatile in their applications. UAV's have been implemented into a growing number of industries including defense, entertainment, research, and more. For this reason, it is in any autonomous systems labs best interest to be well versed in the construction and operation of unmanned aerial vehicles. This program is meant to be an in-house training tool for DASL members so that information can be effectively and efficiently passed on.

Parts List and Sources

Part Name/Description Vendor Link to Product Price Qty (Per Two Students)
3DR Pixhawk Flight Controller Kit Hobby King Pixhawk 189.00 2
Q450 V3 Quadcopter Frame Hobby King 450 Quadcopter Frame 12.99 5
Motor, Propellor, and ESC Kit Hobby King Motor Kit 40.00 3
3S 2200 mAh LiPO Battery Hobby King Battery 12.00 8
Futaba Transmitter (can be found in lab) Amazon Transmitter 549.96 2


Ranking System


Extra Lessons

Final Words

Final words will be added once both authors complete their training sessions with Lee Van Tassle.

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