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Lesson #3

Lesson 3 is the first hands on experience students will have actually flying the multirotor. For this lesson they will be limited to the stabilize mode, throttle, pitch, and roll.

Part 1: Setting up Flight Modes in Mission Planner

The firs step of this lesson is to set all of your flight modes to Stabilize. Right now, we will not be working with any other flight modes. By changing all of your flight mode positions to stabilize, the user can ensure that they will never accidentally switch to another mode. Follow the steps below to change the flight modes.

Part 2: Flying in Stabilize Mode

For this step you will be using throttle to maintain altitude and the right stick pitch and roll to control flight direction. Keep your flight altitude to under 10 feet and your forward and side flight distance to approximately 40 feet. This is start developing the feel of the sticks and multirotor reactions. The Stailized Flight Mode provides auto-leveling of the multirotor while in flight. Stabilized Mode may require some tuning of its parameters. More information on Stabilized Mode can be found here: Stabilize Mode

  • Place the multirotor on the ground, facing forward, step back a safe distance facing the same way.
  • Place the FC in Stabilized mode
  • Arm and advance throttle, lifting off to approximately 3 to 6 feet in altitude
  • Slowly fly forward 10 to 20 feet then stop the forward movement, adjust throttle to maintain altitude.
  • Slowly fly backwards towards the starting position and stop
  • Slowly fly sideways to the right and left, while keeping the multirotor facing forward
  • Repeat this process until you can comfortably maintain the forward orientation and height while moving the multirotor forward, back, and to the sides.

Homework: Spend 20-30 minutes each day practicing the maneuvers learned in class.

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