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Lesson #5

The flight orientation that usually causes the most confusion is when the nose of the mulitrotor is facing the pilot. In this orientation all the controls 'feel' reversed, i.e. when nose-in, it requires right roll stick input to move the multirotor to the pilot's left and requires back stick pitch to move the multirotor away from the pilot. This is a critical skill to learn as, at some point in flight, the multirotor will be facing the pilot as it returns to the pilot's location. This lesson also exercises a pilots ability to stay focused on their flight. Flying reversed requires constant attention to fight against habit. This is good to practice as a pilot is always responsible for where their vehicle moves mid-flight.

Part 1: Nose in Box

To practice Nose-In flight we will repeat the same steps in the Second Flight Session, but with the nose of the multirotor facing the pilot. The steps are as follows…

  • Place the multirotor at a safe distance in front of and facing away from the pilot.
  • Lift off to approximately 3feet to 6 feet in altitude.
  • Fly forward (away from the pilot) approximately 10 feet.
  • Yaw 180 degrees so the nose of the multirotor is now facing towards the pilot.
  • Apply right roll stick movement to move sideways (to the pilot's left) for approximately 20 feet and stop.
  • Apply left roll stick movement to move in the other direction (to the pilot's right).
  • Repeat the side-to-side movements until it the control movements feel comfortable.
  • Next, perform front to back flights while keeping the nose pointed towards the pilot. For safety, fly to the side of pilot, not directly at the pilot while practicing the Nose-In forward/back flight pattern.
  • Next, perform CCW and CW box patterns while keeping the nose pointed Nose-In.

Part 2: Mixing it Up

Start mixing in normal forward flight CCW/CW box patterns along with the Nose-In flights. The goal is to become familiar and comfortable with the control stick movements required to safely guide the multirotor along its path, no matter what direction it is facing.

Videos need to be Added

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