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How To Make A Mini Darwin Costume

Author: <Myong Geon Kim> Email:
Date: Last modified on <03/06/19>
Keywords: <Tutorial, how to, Mini Darwin, Costume>

The photo above depicts Mini-darwin batman costume which allows you to see the final costume. This tutorial shows you how to make the mini-darwin costume.

Motivation and Audience

This tutorial's motivation is to find new usage of mini-darwin. Readers of this tutorial assumes the reader has the following background and interests:

* Full understanding of sewing machine tutorial :Introduction of the Sewing machine
* Full understanding of laser cutter tutorial : INTRO TUTORIAL
* Full understanding of vinyl cutter tutorial : check html file tutorial which is in computer connected to vinyl cutter.
* Perhaps additional background needed may include 3D modeling and printing.

The rest of this tutorial is presented as follows:

Parts List and Sources

US-based vendors to obtain material to complete this tutorial include <list relevant hyperlinks or phone numbers and addresses>.
To complete this tutorial, you'll need the following items

Full Spectrum Laser Pro 36×24 Full Spectrum Laser ~$14,000 with options 1
Brother sewing machine cs-6000i 159 1
Thread 9 1
Cotton fabric 6 2
Iron on vinyl 9 2
Black Velcro 9 1

How to Make a Costume

Step 1

Choose a model. (In this tutorial, batman was chosen as a model of costume.)
Define recognizable features of model. Google image search can help this step.
For example, as you can see in below pictures, there are some common features.

Batman can be recognizable by his all black suit, bat mask and long cape.

Step 2

Make clothes by using your reference. This step includes 'choosing fabric','design clothes','sewing'.

Step 3

Make new parts for costume. This is an extra step for someone who has a 3D printer.
This step can help you to make more fancy costume.
However, if you can't use a 3D printer. you can skip this step.

How to Make Clothes

This section gives step-by-step instructions along with photos to make clothes.

Step 1

Choose proper fabric.
Consider color and material of fabric.
For batman clothes, black fabric is required.
About materials, We can briefly divide them by two; extensible
and inextensible.
Inextensible fabric is easy to sew but hard to be worn. Extensible fabric is opposite.
I chose inextensible fabric.

Step 2

Design your clothes using 18-inch doll clothes designs.
18-inch doll clothes designs are very useful because a 18-inch doll has similar size with mini darwin.

These are svg files of clothes designed from inkscape. These can be used for reference of your model. Design svg file

Step 3

Cut fabric using laser cutter. This link can help you how to cut fabric. How to cut fabric

If you don't have laser cutter, print your design and cut the fabric using scissors.
This video can help you.
Laser cutter just can shorten your time.

Step 4

Sewing. For batman clothes, I made long sleeve T-shirts, black pants.

1. Long sleeve T-shirts

Sew these parts.

Here are steps.

Change inside out.

Attach Velcro on T-shirts.

2. Pants

Sew red circled parts.

Turn it.

Change inside out.
Using Velcro, Make a belt.

3. Final step

Attach cape using Velcro.
Make a batman logo using vinyl cutter and attach it at the chest of T-shirts.
The batman logo is in this link.
If you don't have a vinyl cutter, don't worry. Just use scissors.

How to Make parts

Step 1
Design new parts you need. For batman costume, Black head and feet are needed.
You can find mini darwin part STP file in this link

Modify STP files. Ears are needed on head for batman costume
Also, I put a batman logo on feet.

Step 2
Print your design using 3D Printer.
Step 3
Change parts.


Final Words

This tutorial's objective was to people who want to make a costume for mini darwin.
For questions, clarifications, etc, Email:

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