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How To Make A Chair Cover

Author: Jihyun Lee Email:, Modified by Myong Geon Kim Email:
Date: Last modified on <01/07/19>
Keywords: sewing, chair cover, vinyl cutter, laser cutter

The photo above depicts result of chair cover. This tutorial shows you how to make it and takes approximately half an hour to complete.

Motivation and Audience

This tutorial's motivation is to teach students how to make a chair cover and how to put on the name. Readers of this tutorial assumes the reader has the following background and interests:

* Full understanding of sewing machine tutorial :Introduction of the Sewing machine
* Full understanding of laser cutter tutorial : INTRO TUTORIAL
* Full understanding of vinyl cutter tutorial : check html file tutorial which is in computer connected to vinyl cutter.

The rest of this tutorial is presented as follows:

Parts List and Sources

To complete this tutorial, you'll need the following items

Full Spectrum Laser Pro 36×24 Full Spectrum Laser ~$14,000 with options 1
Brother sewing machine cs-6000i 159 1
Thread 9 1
Cotton fabric 6 2
Iron on vinyl 9 1

How to make a chair cover

This section gives step-by-step instructions along with photos to make a chair cover.

Step 1 : making a paper model

1. In order to make paper model of this chair you have to measure the dimension of the part your going to cover.

2. Measure the dimensions that you need for your paper model. I measured width, height, thickness with the ruler. You can measure the curved part with thread and check the length.

3. Once you check the dimensions, make a planer figure with the paper. And connect the parts with the tape that is going to be sewed.

4. This is the photo of completed paper model.

Step 2 : making a planer figure in svg file

1. Use the inkscape to make a svg file.
A svg file is already attached.
Here is the Design svg file
If the size of chair is different, you can adjust attached file or make another file on inkscape.

2. Print your design.
Turn on Retina engrave program.
Press ‘Ctrl+P’(Print) on inkscape and print your svg file using Full Spectrum Engineering Device

After few second, your design will be on Retina engrave.

3. Cut the fabric that you are going to use for the chair cover. The fabric size should be bigger than the planer figure.
-Put the fabric on the laser cutter
- *Check the laser cutting tutorial especially ‘Machine Prep and Check’ section.
- Make sure that laser cutter is on and connected with Retina engrave.
- Check your work place on laser cutter by pressing ‘J or P’ on Retina engrave.
- After checking the work place, adjust location of fabric and put magnets on the safe location on the fabric. This step will help the fabric not to be moved by air compressor.

4. Run the laser cutter
Choose vector mode and adjust cutting power to 5%.
Cutting power depends on the thickness and material of the fabric.

Check twice above steps before running the laser cutter.
If everything is clear, Close the lid and run by pressing ‘G’ on Retina engrave.

Step 3 : sewing the fabric

1. Sewing machine setting : 00 or 01 stitch. Width on 2.5.

2. Use the same colored thread for upper thread and under thread. The thread will appear so its better to use the matching color.

3. Sew the parts that should be connected. Before sewing drawing a line with removable pen will help to sew it straight. Make sure not to stretch the fabric while sewing.

4. This photo is the completed chair cover.

How to put on name

This section gives step-by-step instructions along with photos to show how to apply iron on vinyl on a chair cover.

Step 1 : Things to prepare

Vinyl cutter, iron, iron on vinyl, mat, tools.

Step 2 : cutting the vinyl

1. Create a text.

2. Text setting : Arial, 2.5 inch.
Text size is due to longest name in the lab(Keitaro Nishimura). Length to fit the chair cover is maximum 15 inch.

3. After creating a text make it fliped.

4. Once your done put the vinyl and load paper. The film that is covering the vinyl should go to the floor. You can distinguish by pilling a little bit.

5. Vinyl cutter setting : pressure on mid, 1.5~2.5.

Step 2 : applying the vinyl

1. Pill the vinyl that is not going to be applied.

2. Once you pilled it there are some alphabets that is not completely pilled. Use the tools to pill it out.

3. Place the chair cover on a flat place and get rid of the wrinkles with the iron.

4. Put the vinyl on a middle of the chair cover and iron it. Takes about 20~30 seconds with pressure.

5. Iron setting : lowest temperature, no steam.


Final Words

This tutorial's objective was to teach students how to make a chair cover.

For questions, clarifications, etc, Email: or

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