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Yu Hang He IRES 2018 Journal

Author: Yu Hang He
Date Last Modified: 08/06/2018

Week 9

Photos of the Week

This week, I went on a tour to visit the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea. The DMZ is a 4 km wide area between the North and South Korea after the ceasefire agreement during Korean War. The DMZ was marked with warfare, death, and conflict during the Korean War. Yet, today it is a strip of lush and green forest land. The buildings in the distance are within territories of North Korea.

During the tour, I was able to visit the Third Tunnel, the Third Tunnel was an deep underground tunnel that North Korea prepared to invade Seoul. The tunnel was dug after the ceasefire agreement, demonstrating the ongoing conflict between North and South Korea. In addition, I visited the only operational train station between North and South Korea. I gained a deeper understanding of the conflict between North and South Korea and South Korean's hope for reunification.

Korean Cultural Insight

The Korean War tremendously impacted the Korean culture and history. Technically, the Korean War is still ongoing since the ceasefire agreement was only meant to be temporary. During the DMZ tour, I learned that since the Korean War, there have been thousands of North Korean Defectors escaping to South Korea. In support of these defectors, the South Korean government granted them instant citizenship, provide them with stipends and education. In far rarer cases, there have been South Koreans defect to the North, because they have families in North Korea. Since the peaceful negotiations between South Korea President Moon and North Korea Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un, there has been growing hope among the public that North and South Korea will be united.

What I Learned about Myself

The traveling last week reminded how much fun traveling is. Unfortunately, I did not find many opportunities to travel during this internship at Hubo Lab. If there is one thing I regret about this trip, it would be that I should plan more traveling trips. I learned that I really like learning and experiencing new things.

Project Status

After implementing the joint angle and velocity limits last week, I focused on enabling the upper body imitation this week. The previous tests and programs only focused on right arm only. So this week, I modified both the motion capture algorithm and PODO AL programs to capture motions from both arms and imitating these motions on Hubo 2.

Youtube Link

As seen from the video, the imitation is not perfect. In the beginning, the left shoulder yaw motor rotated to an undesirable position. That is because the left arm was outside of mocap area in the beginning. Another major difference is the speed of motion. The joint angle data was calculated at 0.010 ms. The real time thread on Hubo 2's PC runs at 0.010 ms interval. Some delay between actual execution of motion accumulated overtime and resulted in the delay.

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