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Yu Hang He IRES 2018 Journal

Author: Yu Hang He, Email:
Date Last Modified: 07/02/2018

Week 4

Photos of the Week

This week marks the start of raining season in South Korea. However, I was able to find some time on Friday afternoon to explore some parts of Daejeon City. I visited Euneungjeongi Sky Road, a popular tourist attraction in the downtown area of Daejeon. The ceiling of Euneungjeongi Sky Road is covered with LED display that will put on spectacular light show during night time. Unfortunately, the forecast predicted it will rain during evening, therefore, I did not stay until night time. Nevertheless, street is teeming with shops, stores, restaurants, cafes, and arcades. An fun and interesting place to explore.

Despite Daejeon being a major city, you can find plenty of vegetation and parks around the city. I took a stroll through the Hanbat Arboretum and find it to be a perfect place for some relaxation. The arboretum is a beautiful park filled with variety of trees and plants. I even found a pond filled with water lily. The arboretum seems to be a popular destination for family gathering, couples, and elders.

New Korean

My Korean teacher, who volunteered to teach me Korean, invited me to dinner twice this week. He will be leaving next week with a group of KAIST students for volunteering works in Uganda for 10 days. He invited me and his colleagues for dinner and I have the opportunity to meet them. Their name is Sui and Bura. All three of them worked at KAIST Internation Student Service before, so they all knew how to speak English pretty well. Sui also speak a little bit of Mandarin Chinese, so I talked with her in Chinese for a little bit. Bura told me that her name means purple in Korean and she currently worked in KAIST Cultural Technology department which is next to the Hubo Lab. It was great meeting and talking with them over dinner.

Korean Cultural Insight

During a meal at the cafeteria, I had a rather serious discussion with Seoungwoo, a member of Hubo Lab. Seoungwoo asked me about my future plans and I half jokingly relied that I want to find a job with high wages and become rich because money equals happiness. Seoungwoo questioned the statement that money equals happiness and replied that he is content and happy with his current job as a researcher. Of course, that is his personal opinion and it probably does not represent the view of most Koreans. However, I believe his argument provided some insight into the Korean Cultural, a peaceful and respectful culture that is vastly different from the competitive capitalism of United States.

What I Learned about Myself

I missed the rain. The constant overcast sky, spontaneous downpour, and occasional thunderstorm this week reminded me how much I missed the rain. The region in China where I was born and lived for 12 years of my live have similar weather conditions as South Korea. It rarely rained in Las Vegas, therefore, I did not have the opportunity to reflect on this point before. However, now I am in South Korea, where the summer experience a raining season similar to my birthplace. I finally realized how much I missed rain.

Project Status

Last week, I learned how to use Vicon motion capture system from Hubo Lab member. At the start of this week, I sat up and calibrated 4 cameras for the mocap system and used them to capture myself performing some simple motions. I created 6 distinctive markers to track the position of my right shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, and foot. I recorded myself performing some simple motions like lifting arm, lifting leg, and extending arm. I learned how to use Vicon mocap system SDK to export the data points.

The next step would be to use inverse kinematic and kinematic mapping to transfer these motions into robot joint angles. With the help of Hubo Lab members and Hyun Lee, I was able to find some examples of inverse kinematic functions with Hubo 2. I am currently studying these functions and learning how to use them to accomplish my goal.

Additionally, one Hubo Lab member asked me to collaborate with him on writing a tutorial on their wiki page for the process from installing Ubuntu OS and Xenomai to installing Choreonoid Simulator and writing a new PODO ALProgram. I will also upload the information to our wiki page once I am done with the process.

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