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Testbed for Aerial Manipulation


  • 3DRobotics Quad
  • Asctec Hummingbird
  • Asctec Pelican


  • APM 2.6 Autopilot with Micro-USB cable
  • 12V, 83A power supply with e-stop
    • Notes on tether: The voltage drop across the tether can be problematic. If the quad has a battery voltage sensor, it is recommended to disable that functionality. From the supply, we run a 10-foot section of 10 AWG silicone wire. We then connect another 10 foot section of 12 AWG wire that connects to the quad. If there is no payload, have the tether run down the center of the quad. It will cause slight disturbances while flying. The e-stop should be between the supply and quad.
  • 30 feet USB extender


  • 7.5 m3 volume
  • 18 motion capture Optitrack cameras


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