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Ventilation Ducting Navigator

The ducting navigator project is an independent study project by Kristopher Krasnosky to design an autonomous vehicle to traverse ducting in naval vessels and map radiation levels along the way.

Tutorials and progress

Ventilation Ducting Navigator Log

In order to test the vehicle the a test track was constructed. Below is a link describing the process involved in constructing the ductwork test track.

This tutorial is designed to explain how to remotely operate an Arduino board by creating a Mac application to send commands over a UDP connection and reading and interpreting the commands on an Arduino board.

To examine the workings of a geiger counter and build a prototype for testing a geiger counter was needed.

A tutorial that demonstrates how to integrate a geiger counter into the Ducting Navigator and its GUI.

The aim of this project was to accurately measure odometry using a standard optical mouse and an IMU


8/11/13: Measuring_odometry_with_an_optical_mouse page has been added

8/6/13: Ventilation Ducting Navigator Log has been created to keep a log of activity and data.

8/5/13: The scratch built Geiger counter has been completed. Building a geiger counter has been updated with results and modifications to the circuit.

9/1/13: LIDAR on E-Maxx for SLAM posted


Week 01: Assemble “test track” and test drive “E-Maxx” wall-following algorithm

Week 02: Create web page to document progress

  • Post videos of Week 01 work
  • Post “test track” build plans, part/vendor/price (so others can re-create your test track)
  • Begin installing IR camera system on E-Maxx

Week 03: Capture IR images from camera mounted on E-Maxx

  • Post videos of IR images on web page
  • Post vision system part/vendor/price (so others can re-create similar image acquisition)
  • Construct laptop/desktop based GUI for controlling E-Maxx, monitoring E-Maxx position, and displaying IR images
  • Post tutorial A: “GUI for tele-operating an E-Maxx for Remote Surveillance”

Week 05 (but start in Week 04): Complete Geiger Counter construction and testing

  • Post tutorial B: “How to make your own Geiger Counter”
  • Compare results of your home-made Geiger Counter with a commercial one

Week 06: Mount Geiger Counter on E-Maxx and wirelessly transmit readings to GUI

  • Demonstrate E-Maxx autonomously following wall (which you did in Week 01)
  • Demonstrate tele-operation i.e. operator can take-over control and drive/steer the vehicle

Operator can only see/use GUI (e.g. keyboard up/down/left/right keys or Joystick and monitor or goggles) to drive E-Maxx to remotely read/transmit radiation readings

  • Post tutorial C: “Using a tele-operating E-Maxx to remotely read radiation readings”

Week 07: Measure odometry on E-Maxx

  • Implement odometry approach e.g. mount encoders on axles, mount encoders on wall-contact arm, or use IMU with Kalman filtering
  • Calibrate E-maxx location (e.g. center-of-mass, front bumper, etc)
  • Test odometry measurements with and without wheel slip

Week 08: Mount LIDAR on E-Maxx

  • Build map using LIDAR/odometry on E-Maxx (use SLAM)

Week 10:

  • Post tutorial E: “LIDAR on E-Maxx for SLAM”
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