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Darwin-OP Door Opening

This wiki page will have the updates of research related to the Darwin-op Door opening tasks.

Designing different types of doors in DRC-Simulator.

The following video shows different types of doors modeled on the DRC-Simulator, There are 3 types of doors here :

  • Doors that open inwards
  • Doors that open outwards
  • Double doors

Each door has two types of mechanisms i.e. simple doors without friction and doors that close by themselves.

Summary of 5 Papers

1) Autonomous Door Opening and Plugging In with a Personal Robot

2) CHOMP Gradient optimization Technique for Efficient motion Planning

3) Manipulation Planning with Goal Sets using Constrained Trajectory Optimization]

4) Probabilistic Roadmaps for Path Planning in High-Dimensional Configuration Spaces

5) Whole-body motion of a Humanoid robot for passing through a door

Summary of Continuous Trajectory Optimization for Autonomous Humanoid Door Opening

Simulations of Darwin-OP Opening a Door and Walking Through

Demonstration of the Door-opening Task on the Darwin-Op robot

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