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Opening Single Door Outward and Walking Through

This tutorial is to implement a simulation of the Darwin-OP open a door and walk through it on Gazebo. This tutorial assumes that you have Gazebo - version 1.7 installed.You need to have basic knowledge of Gazebo. To understand Gazebo you can follow the tutorials I have authored here.

At the end of this tutorial you will be able to execute a trajectory similar to the following video:

Step 1

Clone from the Git repository :

git clone

Step 2

Copy the contents to the gazebo Models directory

cp -r Darwin_OP ~/.gazebo/models/

Step 3

Go into the directory where everything is copied into

cd ~/.gazebo/models/Darwin_OP/Darwin-OP/Door_Out

Step 3

Create a build directory and compile the plugins in the build directory.

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

Step 4

Add the plugins to Gazebo plugin path.


Step 5

Move the world file to the build directory.

cd ..
cp build
cd build

Step 6

Open the world file that we just copied using Gazebo in pause state. Note : This world file is created only for version 1.7. It may or may not work for other versions.

gazebo -u

Run the simulation and you will see that the Darwin-OP open the door and walk its way through.

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