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Interfacing of SICK LMS200 with MATLAB and Serial Monitor

The main goal of this tutorial is to interface the SICK LMS200 with MATLAB and Serial Terminal for the understanding of basic commands.

  • SICK LMS200

LMS200 is a 2D LiDAR sensor which is suitable for performing detection, navigation, measurement and ranging on the surface. This scanner is a non-contact measurement system, that helps to scan their nearby two-dimensionally. It is used for the following tasks:

  • Monitor specific area
  • Detect and measure the specific object
  • Determining positions

Power Supply Requirement for operating LiDAR

Maximum Power = 35watt

Voltage = 24Volt

Current = ~1.5amp


Serial Connector of SICK LMS200

Power Connector

Power Supply

  • Serial Communication between SICK LMS200 and PC

USB to Serial Converter is the perfect solution for making a bridge between the PC and Sick LMS200. It supports traditional RS232 serial port.

USB to Serial Communication Port

Overview Communication setup for SICK LMS200 with PC

Interfacing commands for the SICK LMS200 with Serial Terminal(Realterm)

Setup the Baud rate

  • Default Baud Rate for SICK LMS200 is 38400

Establish a connection with SICK LMS200

  • Turn on the power for LMS
  • First Yellow and Red LED are active, It means trying to startup LMS200
  • Changes to Green LED, means ready for the communication

Connected with Real Term

  • Open the Real Term Serial Capture Program
  • Go to Port ⇒ Baud: 38400, Port: USB to RS232 communication port and click on Open
  • Go to Display change Displays as Hex+ASCII and click on Change
  • Go to Send

Step by Step Commands for the Communication(Commands in Hex Values)

When you connect the LMS to the Realterm, it generates some welcome message

Some Command for Configuring

  • LMS TO PC: 02 00 01 00 31 15 12 :: PC TO LMS 06 02 ….. (Making a connection between LMS and PC)
  • LMS TO PC: 02 00 02 00 20 24 34 08 :: PC TO LMS 06 02 81 03 00 A0 00 10 36 1A (Continous Data Receive from LMS)

Interfacing of SICK LMS200 with MATLAB

Program for Interfacing with MATLAB



If you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected]

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