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Restoring Jaemi Hubo

Author: <Baekseok Kim> Email:
Date: Last modified on <01/18/23>
Keywords: Jaemi Hubo, Restoring Hubo, Restoring Gantry

Motivation and Audience

This tutorial's motivation is to demonstrate how to setup, maintenance and operate Jaemi-Hubo. Readers of this tutorial assumes the reader has the following background and interests:

* Have prior experience with C++ Programming
* Some basic knowledge on the Can Communication and Robotics
* Understand the limitation and danger of working with machinery

Parts Identification

before restoring Jaemi Hubo, We need to find suitable main power board for Jaemi Hubo.

The photo above depicts Jaemi Hubo's main power board. The functions of each part are as follows.


Before turning on Jaemi Hubo, we need to wire main power board, other motor controller and sensors.

motor controllers are using 48V to run and FT sensor, IMU sensor are using 12V to run. And every device uses Can communication to send and receive data.

First of all, connect motor controller power to power board as shown in the picture below. Thick red wire is 48V for motor controller and Thick black wire is ground for motor controller.

Then, connect 12V power to power board as shown in the picture below. 12V Power line is purple and black wire and labled 12V.

Finally, connect Can line to power board as shown in the picture below. Can line is white and black wire which is from motor controller. the other Can line from PCan Interface is composed red,green,white,black.

프로그램에서 Can channel 0에 하반신, Can channel 1에 상반신을 할당해놓았기 때문에 이에 맞게 배선할 필요가 있다.

※The most important thing is that can communication need the resistance on the both end as shown in the picture below. 즉 배선을 한 뒤 Can port의 각 column의 양단 간의 저항이 60ohm이 측정되는지 확인해야한다.

각 모터 컨트롤러의 Can port에는 양단 사이에 칩 저항을 부착할 수 있도록 설계되어 있으며, 배선에 맞도록 저항을 장착할 필요가 있다.

※다만 현재 Jaemi Hubo의 경우 Lowerbody 배선의 양단 저항이 약 30Ohm으로 상대적으로 작게 측정되는 상황이며, 확인 결과 전체 Lowerbody motor controller 중 4개의Controller의 Can port 양단에 120Ohm의 종단저항이 부착되어 있는 것을 확인하였다,

또한, Upperbody 배선의 경우 양단 저항이 ~KOhm으로 측정되는 중, 우선 Power board에 있는 저항을 활용하여 통신이 되는 상태이나, Lowerbody motor controller의 120Ohm의 종단저항을 Upperbody motor controller로 옮길 필요가 있다. (이전 담당자가 수리 시 Upperbody용 컨트롤러를 Lowerbody로 옮겨서 장착한 것으로 생각됨

추후 Lowerbody motor controller 2개의 보드에서 저항 제거 후 Upperbody motor controller 2개의 보드에 저항 부착 예정

Install Xenomai

Install Xenomai3, Podo using Ubuntu 16.04 or lower version

※If using Ubuntu 18.04 or later version(latest Nuc can not support Ubuntu 16.04 or lower version)

Basic Operating Procedure


The procedure below details the steps needed to operate the Jaemi Hubo and execute basic built-in gestures and walking functionality. It is imperative to follow the instructions in this section exactly as there is no error checking in the Jaemi Hubo GUI.

Lift the Jaemi Hubo

Before powering the robot or attempting to move any joints, make sure that the robot is lifted off the ground at least 3“ above the ground when the legs are fully extended. If a medical hoist is being used, make sure to spread apart the legs of the hoist using the lever at the rear.

Make sure all components are turned off

Check to verify that all switches on the power panel behind the Jaemi Hubo are facing down.

Connect the Main Power Supply

Plug in the power supply to an outlet and connect the five pin keyed barrel connector to the back of the Jaemi Hubo's power board.

Turn on the 48V Supply

Turn on the main 48V supply switch on the power panel.

Turn on the Body Computer

Turn on main PC.

Final Words

For questions, clarifications, etc, Email:

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