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Making the DASL Logo!

01 Finding the moving point.

02 Making a coding, When I make a code only to connect the X, Y in control board. so I use all of connecting X, Y, Z, A.

N1 G0X-10A-10 N2 G0X0A0Y0Z0 N3 G0Y-120Z-120 N4 G0X36A36 N5 G0X37.8A37.8Y-119.4Z-119.4 N6 G0X39.6A39.6Y-117.6Z-117.6 N7 G0X41.4A41.4Y-114.6Z-114.6 N8 G0X43.2A43.2Y-110.4Z-110.4 N9 G0X45A45Y-105Z-105 N10 G0X46.8A46.8Y-98.4Z-98.4 N11 G0X48.6A48.6Y-90.6Z-90.6 N12 G0X50.4A50.4Y-81.6Z-81.6 N13 G0X52.2A52.2Y-71.4Z-71.4 N14 G0X54A54Y-60Z-60 N15 G0X72A72Y-120Z-120 N16 G0X90A90 N17 G0X108A108Y-60Z-60 N18 G0Y-100Z-100 N19 G0X109.8A109.8Y-103.8Z-103.8 N20 G0X111.6A111.6Y-107.2Z-107.2 N21 G0X113.4A113.4Y-110.2Z-110.2 N22 G0X115.2A115.2Y-112.8Z-112.8 N23 G0X117A117Y-115Z-115 N24 G0X118.8A118.8Y-116.8Z-116.8 N25 G0X120.6A120.6Y-118.2Z-118.2 N26 G0X122.4A122.4Y-119.2Z-119.2 N27 G0X124.2A124.2Y-119.8Z-119.8 N28 G0X126A126Y-120Z-120 N29 G0X180A180 N30 G0Y-40Z-40 N31 G0X216A216 N32 G0Y0Z0 N33 G0X162A162 N34 G0Y-20Z-20 N35 G0X160.2A160.2Y-16.2Z-16.2 N36 G0X158.4A158.4Y-12.8Z-12.8 N37 G0X156.6A156.6Y-9.8Z-9.8 N38 G0X154.8A154.8Y-7.2Z-7.2 N39 G0X153A153Y-5Z-5 N40 G0X151.2A151.2Y-3.2Z-3.2 N41 G0X149.4A149.4Y-1.8Z-1.8 N42 G0X147.6A147.6Y-0.8Z-0.8 N43 G0X145.8A145.8Y-0.2Z-0.2 N44 G0X144A144Y0Z0 N45 G0X108A108 N46 G0X90A90Y-40Z-40 N47 G0X72A72 N48 G0X54A54Y0Z0 N49 G0X0A0

2. to pain the color.

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