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Author: Giuk Yeom
Email: [email protected]
Date: Last Edited 06/29/2022
Keywords: Polaris, Maintenance, Vehicle_maintenance, Key-on, Fuel_pump

Model: Polaris 2014 Ranger 900 XP

if you need more details about Polaris, click here.

Information you need to know before maintenance
polaris has 2 kill switches. One is easy to find out, but another kill switch is in the box that exist top of the car.
Please read and follow the maintenance manual before reading this document. Some details are specified in maintenance guidelines. it exists in Polaris.
Do not leave kill switches on when the engine is not running for a long time. It may cause a discharge.

1. No fuel
2. Battery replacement required
3. No coolant
4. No air in tire
A maintenance plan was created based on this information

Maintenance Plan
1. List up purchasing
2. Battery replacement
3. Adding fuel and coolant
4. Checking functions
5. Test drive
The maintenance plan is not fixed, and new step may be added when new problems arise during maintenance.

step 1. List up
Battery 575CCA
Coolant 50/50
Engine Oil

(It is correct to change the engine oil according to the period. However, it was not replaced because the color was the same as the new engine oil.)

step 2. Battery replacement

For replacing the battery, make sure that the positive pole should be connected to the battery before the negative pole.
After replacing battery, you could find out Polaris start to crank.

step 3. Add fuel and coolant
After adding fuel and coolant, you are ready to drive the Polaris.
If Polaris could not start the engine although you could hear good crank, this is caused because of fuel pump.
Note that even if the symptom is shown, it is not always a problem with the fuel pump.

step 3-1. Fuel pump replacement

Before replace a fuel pump, you need to remove all seat.

For clean fuel, wipe the area around the pump with a wet tissue.

After cleaning dust and sand, remove bolt to replace fuel pump easily.

Remove clips connected to the fuel pump.
Use channellock to replace a fuel pump.

After replacing the fuel pump, install it in the reverse order of removal.
If you need more details about fuel pump replacement, click here.

step 4. Checking functions
After replacing fuel pump, engine successfully started.
Also, it was confirmed that the brake and accelerator was operating normally.

step 5. Test drive

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