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Cutting the Plywood

To obtain the measurements for this project I had to project this image onto the Plywood board. Then trace the outline onto the board using pencil. If you are not comfortable doing this most of the measurements are easy enough to estimate.

Cut one side of the plywood and sand the piece down so you have nice clean edges. Afterward trace the part on the other side using the piece you just cut.

This will ensure that the pieces are identical.

Tips For When Cutting
When cutting straight lines use a circular saw to cut clean straight lines. Clamp down a guide and avoid free handing the cut. For the curvy sections use a jigsaw and go very slowly.




Cutting the Legs are the Most Crucial Part

Use the image above for placement of the holes

First you will drill 3, 5/32“ holes for the bolts. I suggest clamping the two legs together so that way the holes are in the same spot for both of them.

Second is countersinking the holes to fit the bolt and what ever socket you may use to attach and reattach the bolts.

You will wait until the end to cut out the angle that makes the chair rock back and forth

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