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Optitrack Motion Capture System Motion Tracking

Author: <Hyunhee Lee> Email:
Date: Last modified on <05/29/17>
Keywords: <Motion Tracking>

This picture show the “Arena” software program interface for “Dots Motion Tracking”.

Motivation and Audience

This is a tutorial about “Motion Tracking” from Optitrack Motion Capture system. If you are not familiar to use “Arena” which is Optitrack Motion Capture system software, Please take look at up the “Optitrack Motion Capture System Setup Guide”

* Know how to get motion tracking.

Attach the Dots on the suite

In order to get motion tracking whole body, you need to wear motion capture suite and attach dots on the suite.

Step 1. Attach the dots on the Leg.

Step 2. Attach the dots on the back of torso and pelvis of side.

Step 3. Attach the dots on the hands.

Start to Capture the motion

Start to Capture Click the “Capture” tap on the bottom of “Arena” software interface and then click the “play” button, and if you are ready to record, click the “record” button.

Video of Motion Capture

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