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-Eco-Flex 00-50 1gal(
-Smooth-Sil 935 1gal(
-Sil-Poxy (
-Jewelry injection wax (
-Mixing cups
-Tongue depressors
-Nitrile gloves (Don't use latex… I learned that the hard way)
-Paste wax
-Chip brushes
-3“ 1/4”-20 bolts x 6
-1/4“-20 wing nuts x 6
-Luer fittings (These things are so useful. They form an airtight seal and are quick to assemble)
-PVC tubing (Get the corresponding size for the Luers you buy)
-Cooking scale
-Vacuum chamber (Optional)
-Funnel for pouring wax
-Bulb pump with tubing (I just got two of these sphygmomanometers and cannibalized them)
-Tin cup for melting wax (I made my own)
-Heat-proof gloves

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