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Making the X axis moving part

-Drawing part

1. Prepare 24” (600nm) Drawer Slide x4

2. Cut the quadrangle for 32x8inch size x2, 8x6inch size x2, 19x6inch sixe x2(reuse the wrong size Y-axis board), and 3x3inch x4


3. Make a whole in 19x6inch board, this whole sixe is same and parallel to the X axis motor seats. so when you make a whole, 1.4 inch diameter, you have to be consider the bottom stuff's height such as 32×8 inch and 8x6inch board, and drawer slide. In my case the bottom stuff's height is 1 inch, so I make a center of the whole in 1.3inch height, and 3 inch by widthwise.

4. stand the Y axis moving part and the board that has a whole on the 8x6inch size board using screws

-5 -5-1

5. if you finish the standing, you have to fix the bottom side of 8x6inch board to the Drawer slide using screws but, If you use just 2 screws to fix it, it will not be fixed.

5-1 so, you should use 4 screws to fix it.

6. if you finish the fixing, make it attach the 32x8inch board, when you attach it, left the 3inch space for X axis motor seats.


7. attach the 3×3 size board to the left 3inch space, and attach the X axis motor seats.

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