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How To Make the Frame of Silkscreen

Author: <Jisu Park> <Minju Kang> Email:
Date: Last modified on <Oct/24/2018>
Keywords: <Silkscreen, Frame of Silkscreen>

Motivation and Audience

Learn how to make frame of silkscreen using laser cutter

  • Before you start, you have to know how to use laser cutter

Parts List and Sources

To complete this tutorial, you'll need the following items

Mesh $7.5 1


Making a frame of the silkscreen

Step 1 : Materials

1) Extra woods
2) Mesh (Mesh count 160(normal size)) : Choose the mesh count according to the ink.

Step 2 : Cut the wood through the laser cutter machine

(The size of the red rectangle : 7“ x 10”
The size of the skyblue rectangle : 9“ x 12”)

Before cutting, you need to run the test of wood. You can just follow the example(figure), but you have to ask the meaning of “Adjust Focus” for cutting wood to manager.

Step 3 : Stain the frame

Stain the frame with 'Wood finish stain' because your hands are stained with ash.

Step 4 : Staple the mesh on the frame

Using stapler, fix the mesh on the frame. You need to staple so that it is in line with the opposite side. (Because of feature of fabric) If you have a staple-gun, you can finish the work faster.

Final Words

The main goal of this tutorial is to teach the students how to make the frame of the silkscreen using the laser cutter.

For questions, clarifications, etc, Email:

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