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Booting Up the Jetson TK1

Follow the steps listed below to power up the Jetson and view its contents.

  1. Connect Jetson to monitor via HDMI
  2. Plug in ac adapter to Jetson (12V 4.2A) (press Power button if needed)
  3. Login in using the default login
    1. Username: Ubuntu
    2. Password: Ubuntu

Putting the Jetson in Recovery Mode

Follow Nvidia's steps to put the Jetson in recovery mode in order to flash OS, load development software, etc, etc. Instructions on how to do this can be found in the Jetson User Guide which you can download at:

Installing Jetpack

Jetpack is the development kit by Nvidia for the Jetson TK1 (and TX1) that allows you to flash the latest OS and gives you more development tools. In order to install it and read more details about it, follow the steps below. *Read step 4 and keep in mind with what you're attempting to achieve*

  1. Go to Nvidia's Embedded Downloads page:
  2. Download the lastest version of Jetpack for L4T (Linux 4 Tegra), Jetpack as of the date of this tutorial must be installed on a Ubuntu 14.04 x64 machine (virtual machines not recommended)
  3. View Nvidia's documentation on how to install Jetpack (located right under the Jetpack download link)
    1. Note: “Flash OS” is selected to install by default on the Jetpack installation settings, this option will flash your Jetson with the latest L4T and erase and overwrite your contents
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