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IRES KAIST Research Internship 2018

During the Summer of 2018, two students from [email protected] (Yu Hang He and Leonardo Georgescu) departed Las Vegas for Daejeon, South Korea where they researched with the world-renowned Hubo Lab @ KAIST for 10 weeks. This page details their experiences during that journey. Specifically, the students were asked to answer the following questions in detail (and pictures) every week:

  • 1. Photo of the week: What impressed you to take, select and write about this photo?
  • 2. New Korean, not from Hubo Lab, that you met: How did you or the person initiate the encounter, what made the encounter challenging or easy, and how did it help you?
  • 3. What new cultural insight about Korea did you learn this week?
  • 4. What did you learn about yourself?
  • 5. What is the status of your technical projects and what skills did you learn?

Yu Hang He Journal

Leonardo Georgescu Journal

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