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IRES KAIST Research Internship 2018

During the Summer of 2018, two students from DASL@UNLV (Yu Hang He and Leonardo Georgescu) departed Las Vegas for Daejeon, South Korea where Yu Hang researched with the Hubo Lab and Leonardo researched Unmanned System Research Group at KAIST for 10 weeks. This page details their experiences during that journey. Specifically, the students were asked to answer the following questions in detail (and pictures) every week:

  • 1. Photo of the week: What impressed you to take, select and write about this photo?
  • 2. New Korean, not from Hubo Lab, that you met: How did you or the person initiate the encounter, what made the encounter challenging or easy, and how did it help you?
  • 3. What new cultural insight about Korea did you learn this week?
  • 4. What did you learn about yourself?
  • 5. What is the status of your technical projects and what skills did you learn?

Yu Hang He Journal

Leonardo Georgescu Journal

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