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giho Edison IoT Blog link

[DASL IoT Edison #0] Making development environment before starting IoT DASL Basic Tutorial

  Step 1. Assembling the Intel Edison board with the Arduino expansion board
         (Video Version)
  Step 2. Run the integrated installer
  Step 3. Set up a serial terminal
  Step 4. Connect over Wi-Fi
  Step 5. Installing Eclipse IDE
  Step 6. Blinking an LED using C/C++ 
          (for verifying developing environment works correctly)

[DASL IoT Edison #1] Automatically connecting Wi-Fi at the booting time [DASL IoT Edison #2] Edison board firmware (devices) [DASL IoT Edison #3] Automatically Running our program at the booting time [DASL IoT Edison #4] Control GUI using QT (PC)

The below video shows the simple IoT demo at the DASL using two Edison board.

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