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How To Screen Print DASL logo

Author: Jihyun Lee Email:
Date: Last modified on <06/10/17>
Keywords: screen printing

The photo above depicts DASL logo screen printed on the black fabric . This tutorial shows you how to do the screen printing in negative method and takes approximately half an hour to complete.

Motivation and Audience

This tutorial's motivation is to teach students to do screen printing. Readers of this tutorial assumes the reader has the following background and interests:

* Know how to print(draw) and cut

The rest of this tutorial is presented as follows:

Parts List and Sources

To complete this tutorial, you'll need the following items

Here is the diazo_instructions.pdf (Not for negative method)

Screen Printing - Negative Method

This section gives step-by-step instructions along with photos to screen print DASL logo in a negative method. Negative method is blocking the parts of the screen and printing the parts that is not blocked. This way is easier and you can save time than using all of the materials in the kit.

Step 1 : Things to prepare

1. DIAZO screen printing kit

It includes lots of things but for negative method you will need paint, mesh, squeegee from the kit.

2. Fabric to print.

3. Tape that is water proof due to using paint.
4. Cutter and a sheet of paper.

Step 2 : Screen printing

1. Draw(recommend printing) a DASL logo on a sheet of the paper.

2. Cut out the logo with the cutter. At this point, the part that is cut out is going to be printed. Make sure to reduce mistakes in order to print the logo neat.

3. In order to use mesh, this is upper part. This part is going to be used to spread the paint. So you should put paper and tape underneath it.

4. So flip it over and tape the paper you've cut. The logo should be flipped over too. And when you tape the paper check it is waterproof and be careful not to block the logo.

5. After taping it you are ready to do screen printing. As you can see in the picture, put the mesh on the fabric.

6. Spread the speedball fabric paint.The paint is going to go through the part that is cut out and print the logo.

7. Use the squeegee to spread the paint with the light pressure. You can use any direction you want. Just make sure paint is spread evenly and fully covered the logo . Be careful not to spread the paint through out the paper you taped.
If you want to prevent from making a mistake when you spread the paint there are two ways :
Not to use too much paint.
Use more papers to cover all of the part of the mesh you are not going to print.

8. This is the picture of the paint that is spreaded evenly and shallow.

9. Carefully detach the mesh from the fabric and you're logo will be printed.

10. You can print continuously.
11. After printing wash the mesh and squeegee before the paint dries.

Failures and success of screen printing

There are some conditions that you might fail during the screen printing. If you keep in mind followings below you will be able to screen print professionally.

- While screen printing -

1. Don't change the location after spreading the paint.
You will not be able to use the paper again. If you use that paper again it will cause smudges like the picture.

2. Put the fabric on the flat place. And check there is no wrinkles. Or it will look like the picture.

3. Do not spread the paint too wide from the logo. You will accidentally stick out the paint like the picture.
4. Also use the proper amount of paint to spread evenly. You can see in the picture that the some parts are not painted completely.

5. So far it is said not to use the paint too little, do not use it too much as well. Paints tenacity is high so when you put too much paint and remove the mesh, paint will stretch and be every where.

- Choosing the material -

1. Use the material that can absorb paint like the first picture.
Use the material that is flat.

2. If you use the material that cannot absorb the paint it will be like the second picture.
If you don't use the material that is not flat it will be like the second picture.

Final Words

This tutorial's objective was to teach the students how to do screen printing in negative method.

For questions, clarifications, etc, Email:

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