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Hardware Overview and Setup

Hanging HUBO from the Gantry

HUBO is often hoisted to the gantry when testing and working with him as it is easy for him to fall over, and for homing him.

HUBO is hoisted to the gantry by a carbiner attached on his head to a hook on the gantry along with strings.

On-Board Computers

For on-board computing, HUBO uses two Intel NUCs. One if for vision and the other is for motion. They are powered by 12V.

They can be distinguished by looking for the USB CAN cables. The motion PC will have the CAN cables connected to the back of it labeled “up” and “down” because the order of these cables is essential to operating HUBO correctly.

The CAN cables in the photo are on the bottom pc to the right will yellow labels.


The router is mounted on the back of HUBO on it's own metal “backpack”. The backpack contains an additional battery just for the router.

The router mounts to the backpack by sliding the screws on the backpack into the slots on the bottom of the router.

Batteries and Charging

There are two 48V batteries used to power HUBO. They slide into his chest and are secured with two latches on each of his sides.

The batteries are charged through a black charger that also has a 110V t0 220V converter. Simply plug in a battery and turn on the charger. The light will indicate when a battery is full charged.

Powering HUBO ON/OFF

Powering HUBO ON

In order to power on HUBO he must be tethered to the power supply, then you can switch to the batteries to supply power. You cannot start HUBO with battery power.

To tether HUBO to the power supply there is a black cable coming from the power supply that must connect to the his power distribution board on his back.

Once he is tethered,

  1. Flip the tiny black switch on the pd board (depicted botton left in photo)
  2. Turn on the middle 12V switch (SW8) for the on-board pcs
  3. Finally turn on the right 40V switch (SW3)

Powering HUBO OFF

To turn HUBO off is the same steps to turn him on in reverse

  1. Flip the 40V switch (SW3) off
  2. Flip the 12V switch (SW8) off
  3. Flip the black switch off (down)
Emergency Stop

The Emergency Stop button is a large red button on the power supply if HUBO needs to be turned off immediately to prevent any damage to him. Emergency stop should only be used in case of emergency.

There is a also a small silver remote to power off the 40V supply to HUBO.

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