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After about 5 days of trying to install the development kit and recognize the Jetson on a virtual machine running Ubuntu 14.04 and not succeeding (couldn't connect to Jetson via USB passthrough), I've made a break through. It seems that the Jetson is very picky in the way you set things up. I have had success with using the bare metal machine with Ubuntu (as opposed to virtualization), and placing the the Jetson into recovery mode with it already installed into a USB port (USB must be plugged prior to entering recovery mode), the connections do not seem to be “hot swappable”, I will further investigate the setup on a virtual machine (note: Nvidia specifies that there is technically no support for virtual machines).


I was finally able to retrieve info from the Jetson. I first tested with a “get partition table” command, and it worked, but I could't run another command after. It would do the same thing it always does, start, and sit there and do nothing for eternity. I am not sure if the Jetson is setup this way, that after one command it won't take another, and it just becomes a potato because for the most part the only reason you use the USB-B connection to the Jetson is to flash a new OS and then it auto restarts. If you turn it off and reset it Force Recovery Mode you can run a command again, but not two consecutively. I will investigate the manner further. For now, I have used my one command to clone the current APP partition of Jeongmin's setup so I have a backup.

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