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Getting Started With FPV

Date Last Modified:03/16/16

What is FPV?

FPV or First Person View is the use of a camera on a remote control (RC) vehicle to view the environment from the vehicles point of view. Besides making the RC experience more immersive a FPV setup can allow maneuverability beyond the controllers line of sight.

FPV Setup

There are basic components needed for FPV.

  • RC vehicle
  • Camera
  • Transmitter
  • Receiver
  • Method of viewing the video feed
  • Battery

Follow the directions below to put together a simple FPV setup

-RC Vehicle-

There are many different kinds of RC vehicles available to put a FPV setup on. It doesn't matter whether it's a car, boat, multi-rotor, etc. but it is essential to have a working vehicle ready. For beginners it is good to use a car since that is what most people have experience using. In this case the Traxxis E-Maxx.


Traxxis E-Maxx

To operate the Traxxis you need: two 8.4V 5000mah NiMH batteries,


a Spektrum AR9000 reciever,


and Spektrum DX7S transmitter.


Set the Traxxis down in an open and safe area

  .Plug in the three pin wire set with the yellow tape on it into the Ale port and the wire with green tape into the Thro port. Make sure that the negative (black) wire is on the top. 


  .Turn on the DX7S transitter, with all of the switches and toggles in the appropriate position. Then set the left stick at the center position. This is the neutral position for throttle.


  .Plug in the two NiMH batteries
  .Press the button on the EVX2 and hold until the led next to the button turns red, then green. If the led stays red after a couple minutes the batteries could be low.

turning_traxxis_on_2.jpg turning_on_traxxis.jpg

  .Use the left stick up and down to control forwards and backwards. The left stick left and right will turn in the left and right direction. 
  .To turn off the Traxxis push the button on the EVX2 again and the led will turn off. Then unplug the two batteries.
  .Never turn off the Spektrum DX7S before turning off the Traxxis itself. When turning off the Spektrum a rouge signal can cause the Traxxis to go off on its own.
  .Please be careful with the throttle (left stick) it is very sensitive and will rocket forward if not careful
  .As of 3/8/2016 it has a tendency to pull left so please keep that in mind while driving


 .Please refer to the picture to find the camera, if it isn't with the transmitter. 


 .Make sure to connect the 3 pin wire to the transmitter using the male-male adapter. Securing the connection with electric tape is advised.


 .When plugging in the camera make sure that the negative (black) wires are connected to each other  


 .Please find the TS832 transmitter.


 .Make sure that the antenna is on before connecting it to power.
 .The transmitter will get hot if left plugged while not in use. So until the goggles are on please unplug the battry. 
 .Once ready Connect the Transmitter to a Venom 11.1V 1300mah LiPo battery


  Everything put together



 .Please find the Fat Shark Attitude V3 FPV goggles.


 .Where you see an antenna connector sticking out there is the receiver. 
 .Leave it in there do not touch it
 .Make sure that the Fat Shark antenna is plugged into the receiver before turning it on.

-Method of Viewing the Video Feed-

 .Find the 7.4V 1000mah Fat Shark battery for the goggle and set it into the battery holder in the head band. 



 .Plug in the power plug into the goggle


 .Plug in the battery to the transmitter with the camera correctly connected
 .Using the toggle switch on the top left of the goggle switch channels until you get a clear image from the camera


  Clear image should look like this


-Putting it all together-

 .Put the transmitter, camera, and battery onto the already working Traxxis. 
 .Securing each part firmly, especially the battery.
 .Use the goggle to check if the camera is on a good vantage point on the Traxxis. 
 .Double check where your hands are on the transmitter
 .Put the goggles on
 .Have fun!!
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