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Getting Image and Depth Data from Kinect V2 into OpenVR

Last Date Modified: <04/23/18>

Motivation and Audience

This tutorial's motivation is to show readers how to use a Microsoft Kinect V2 to get image and depth data into the HTC Vive's HMD. Readers of this tutorial are assumed to have the following background and interests:

*Knowledge and experience with OpenVR API
*Knowledge and experience with ROS 1 & 2
*Knowledge and experience with CPP

The rest of this tutorial is presented as follows:

First introduce how this tutorial will show the reader how to get image and depth data into the openVR exe file using pre-existing package for ros, and opencv API.

First go through the kinect computer and setting it up. Going through the instalation as well as the calibration of the camera.

Then go into how to create the image wanted with opencv on the camera computer.

Then how to use the ros package to send the stream over the network with http

Finally, talk about how to get the stream from the browser into the exe file using the openvr package

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