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Trying to Learn ROS Tips

Installing ROS:

  • Was pretty easy. Installed using the following here … I had installed the groovy version, though I already had the fuerte version in my pc.
  • If ensure the environment variables are preperly set
  • make sure u r in the right workspace (i think)
cd ~/catkin_ws/

(then source it)

source devel/setup.bash
  • For pre-allowing permision for the USB drives.
sudo chmod a+rw /dev/ttyACM0

Why did I do this : This was done in reference to adding the Ros libraries for the Arduio. Problem : To be able to access the serial port from the Arduino IDE, I needed to open Arduino as a sudo user. But if I ran it as a sudo used the ros libraries did not show up. (but if I opened up as a non-sudo used the ros libraries did show up but I was not able to upload over the serial port (since I did not have permission)). So to solve this issue I ran the above program to be able to run arduino as a non-sudo user and I DID WORK :D

Importing the Darwin on Rviz

I learned the basics using the tutorials in the ROS website

I imported the urdf file to the directory from where I run the tutorials, i.e. to the “urdf_tutorial” directory. Since the darwin uses STL mesh files, I needed to make sure that the urdf points to the right directory that contains the stl files. I used the stl files that I created.

To Use the 3d depth sense camera

1) Install the ros openni packages

sudo apt-get install ros-groovy-openni-*

2) Follow the tutorial on this page

If kinect is not detecting:

The following link solved the problem:

1) Download the following : 2) cd into the Bin folder : unzip the ur required version ( the Ubuntu 64 bit version usually) 3) cd into the unziped folder and install it : sudo ./install

If the package in catkin is not being recogonized:

i.e the rosrun is not able to detect the package etc… It means the package is not sourced. Go to the beginning of catkin workspace. Look for the install or the devel directory. Inside it you will find the setup.bash . You need to source file. If it was present inside the install directory use the following command :

source ~/catkin_ws/install/setup.bash 

If it was found inside the devel folder, in the above command replace the install with devel.

you can also permanenetly add this to the bashrc file. To avoid later problems. After adding it into the bashrc file, restart the terminal.

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