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Darwin OP

My Goal

The aim of my internship is to get Darwin to climb a ladder. I will be working on the vision aspect of the project with my fellow intern who will be working on the motion aspect.

This wiki page is meant for people who has no knowledge about robots but want to know what the journey in this world is like, just like me. It will be written based on the assumption of zero knowledge of the world of robotics and will use DARwIn-OP as the reference robot. This wiki page will not teach you all the details of all the relevant programs but will give your certain examples as a tutorial and point out the things to look out for so as to help you speed up your research in robotics. I hope this page will get total newbies to understand how robot works and motivated to take a step further and realise the unlimited potential in this realm of automation.


tasks that are IMPORTANT and URGENT

  • Prof Chen monthly report
  • learn pcl
  • update timesheet

tasks that are IMPORTANT but not URGENT

  • start on final report
  • transfer lease

tasks that are URGENT but not IMPORTANT

tasks that are NOT important and NOT urgent

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