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Author: Yu Hang He
Date: Last modified on <10/25/18>
Keywords: Hubo 2, PODO 3, Ubuntu, AL, QT GUI

Motivation and Audience

The tutorial serves as a guide for packaging DRC-Hubo inside road case for transportation. The tutorial will present a checklist of necessary equipment for live demonstration with DRC-Hubo. Next, a detailed step of packing DRC-Hubo is presented. A rough video recording of the process is added at the end. Author of this tutorial assumes the reader has the following background and interests:

* Familiar with DRC-Hubo

The rest of this tutorial is presented as follows:

Equipment List

The following is a check list of equipment that are necessary for Live Demo with DRC-Hubo in off-laboratory location.

  • DRC-Hubo Power Supply and its accompanying power cable
  • Emergency stop button and its accompanying cable
  • Emergency remote kill switch (key fob)
  • DRC-Hubo Battery (Loaded with DRC-Hubo for transportation)
  • DRC-Hubo Battery charger
  • Joystick controller and its Bluetooth receiver
  • Very long HDMI Cable and USB cable
  • USB Hub and USB cable extension
  • Wireless Router for remote control and Ethernet cable
  • Alienware Laptop setup with VNC control for DRC-Hubo
  • Keyboard and Mouse
  • Monitor and its power cable
  • Pack gantry, gantry battery, gantry battery charger, and its associated screws

Packing Instruction

  • Before packing DRC-Hubo, mount the front and back cover of the robot torso to protect the computer and wiring
  • Make sure the power on DRC-Hubo is off before start packing
  • Place the road case on a heavy duty trolley
  • Layer the bottom of road case with foams and a pillow in the front as shown

  • Bring the road case underneath DRC-Hubo and gantry
  • Bend both knees and gradually lower hubo until both legs can move inside the road case

  • Constantly adjust legs position while gradually lowering the gantry

  • Final Leg Position

  • Bend both Hubo arm into a position with wrist folded upwards

  • Place a firm block foam between upper and lower legs before lowering Hubo further

  • Place a foam between back feet and hip

  • Bend elbow to place the arm on the front pillow. Place a foam between wrist and road case wall. Place a extra pillow and large sheet of foam in front of Hubo

  • Wrap both arm in large sheet of foam. Make sure the foam separate the arm from contacting the body

  • Place extra foam between legs and underneath the arms

  • Place small pieces of foam between thigh and upper body when Hubo's upper body is lowered

  • Place foams between Hubo's movable joints and body. By the end, something similar to this state

  • Finally use foam to cover the outer surface

Video Recording

Final Words

For questions and comments, email

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