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DASL Robo3D printer manual via PC

How to do 3D-Printing

- Open Solidpart file, or any CAD file that you can convert into (.STL) file.

- Select “Save as” to save the part file as (.STL) file.

- Select (.STL) type, then Save.

- Go to workdesk where you can see ROBO 3D Printer.

- Find 'Matter Control' file and run.

- This is the display you will see.

- Find 'ADD' button at the bottom left. then add the STL file that you just converted from Solidworks

- Click 'View' button.

- You are lucky if you get to see CAD model fit on the plate.

- But, Normally you are going to face this issue. The more the model gets fit on the plate, the better quality materials you get.

- Find 'Edit' button from the bottom left, then click it.

- You are going to see those menus on the top right.

- Use the correct menu to adjust the model until it fits on the plate.

- Click 'Save'

- On 'Matter Control' display, find 'Settings & Controls' button. then Click it.

- At 'Settings', go 'General' then find 'Support Material'. Support Material is to help 3D Printer create the material precisely by surrounding the original model.

- Recommendation : 10~20 support% for normal CAD design.

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