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DASL@UNLV 3D Printer Information

Author: Dylan Wallace, Email:

Below is the information to access the 3D printers remotely at DASL@UNLV.

1. In order to connect to the printers, ensure that you are connected to the “DASL Warehouse” router. (Note: This connection does not work over the wired LAN, unfortunately)

2. Enter the IP address of the printer you would like to connect to into your browser. This will connect you to the OctoPrint software connected to the printers.

  A) The left printer is:
  B) The right printer is:

3. Login with the following details:

  A) Left printer:
      Username: daslprint1
      Password: ******** (Hint: Common DASL password. Ask DASL members for this information).
  B) Right printer:
      Username: daslprint2
      Password: ******** (Hint: Same as other printer)

You should now be connected to the printer that you wish to print from. From here, you can monitor the status, and start print jobs.

The software has the ability to use already created gcode files from a slicer, or the ability to slice within the browser. The second option is more complicated (need to import Cura profile), and involves much more time to print. The best option is to use your own slicer in your computer, and upload the gcode through the browser. For this, I recommend downloading Matter Control or Cura, both free and easy-to-use slicers MAtter Control works better with the Robo3d printers.

Please note that you will need to tune your slicer settings to reflect the quality you want from your part, and the ideal settings for the Robo3d printers. This will take time and experience, so if you do not know how to do this, please read this link, or talk to me for more information.

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