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Intro to CNC Milling: Crash Course with Santiago Ricoy

Author: Santiago Ricoy Email: [email protected]
Date: Last modified on 04/01/2023
Keywords: CNC milling, Tormach mill, Shapeoko, machining, G-code, CAM software

The photo above shows a Tormach mill in action. This tutorial's main focus is to introduce a student with little to no prior knowledge to CNC milling. The tutorial will cover setup, basic operations, and software usage, as well as general safety precautions.

Motivation and Audience

This tutorial's motivation is to teach a student new to CNC milling how to prepare, set up, and operate a CNC mill. The tutorial assumes the reader has the following background:

* Basic understanding of milling concepts and terminology
* Familiarity with CAD software for designing parts
* Basic understanding of CAM software for generating G-code
* Some experience with manual machining is helpful but not required

The rest of this tutorial is presented as follows; all students must understand the safety precautions section:

Items Required

To complete this tutorial, you'll need the following items:

Tormach PCNC Mill Tormach Varies by model 1
Computer with Fusion 360 Installed Autodesk - - 1
Milling tools and accessories Various vendors - Varies Various
Material for milling Various vendors - Varies 1
Safety equipment (goggles, etc.) Various vendors - Varies Various

Safety Precautions


[Include a list of safety precautions, warnings, and guidelines specific to CNC milling and the Tormach mill.]

Machine Setup

[Describe the process of setting up the Tormach mill, including any necessary preparation, adjustments, and configurations.]

Software Usage

[Explain the software tools required for CNC milling on a Tormach mill, including CAD and CAM software for designing parts and generating G-code.]

Basic Operations

[Provide an overview of basic CNC milling operations, such as setting up the workpiece, selecting and installing tools, and running G-code.]

Final Words

[Offer concluding remarks, tips, and suggestions for further learning and exploration in CNC milling on a Tormach mill.]

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