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Mounting Board

Measure the dimensions of the lunch box that was bought and cut a board 1/8 in short on each dimension. This gap allows for easy removal of the board to work on it.

Removal Handles

Using metal strips, i used corrugated aluminum, measure their cut length to equal. 2(box height)+board width+2(1/2in). bend these strips accordingly to match the shape of the box and mount them to the board using screws or nails.

After the handles are attached they should fit into the ox allowing it to shut but holds the board in place to prevent it from moving.

Motor Mount

Using the same metal measure the diameter of the motor that was bought. Most motors will contain a ring in which sheet metal will snap into . Cut a hole the same diameter as the motor into the sheet metal, then use the desired height of the motor to measure out from the edge of the hole. Add and extra 1/2in to the desired height to allow for mounting tabs. Bend the sheet metal into shape and mount again using screws or nails.


The electronics used were to make a basic 5v power regulator. One is required for each motor and laser, the ones for the motors preferably have a easy to control potentiometer. Following the following circuit diagram.

The circuit should look similar to, www.instructables.com_files_orig_f0c_daof_htz4111e_f0cdaofhtz4111e.jpg

Remember one regulator is needed per laser or motor.

Defraction Disc

The defraction disc is the key part of the machine. I used a laser cutter to cut the clear acrylic to the desired dimensioned circle. I used a 4in diameter disc which seemed slightly too small. Once the disc is cut on the outside, cut a hole to the size of the motor shaft. Once the basic holes are cut, go to a well ventilated area with a high temp heat gun.

Heat the acrylic until pliable, then bend it using a pen or other tool. To check if the disc is warping enough, hold it in the sun and look at its shadow.

Final Assembly

To simplify adjust ability I used Velcro to attach the mirrors and laser to the board. This allows for different disc to be used and to be able to adjust the mirrors and laser for the optimal show.


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