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CNC Tormach PCNC 1100 Tutorial 1

Author: Jean Chagas Vaz Email: [email protected]
Date: Last modified on 01/29/17
Keywords: Tutorial, Machining, step-by-step

This tutorial shows how to engrave text on wood.

Motivation and Audience

Make sure to use safety equipment during the experiment.

* Engraving “DASL@UNLV” on wood.

Materials and Sources

This tutorial assumes the reader has not had any contact with the CNC Tormach PCNC 1100. Therefore, all the basic operations shall be detailed. Useful links can be find below:


Start-up the machine(See the tutorial 0 on how to properly start the machine)

We will be using ordinary wood 17“ by 3.25”.

Step 1
First: Make sure to use the universal adjusters cubs are well positioned, in order to settle the wood parrelel with the table

Figure 1: wood block settled on the table.

Step 2
Make sure to set the 1“ end mill on the spindle for this tutorial
Figure 2: HSS End Mills

Step 3
Throughout the navigation menu by clicking Conversational>Engrave at the proper tab type the text that you desire to write: DASL@UNLV
Figure 3: …..

Step 4
Make sure to set the “zero's” axis close to the left bottom corner. Once the tool is at an appropriate position, press the ZERO X; ZERO Y; ZERO Z.
dsc_5552.jpg dsc_5599a.jpg
Hence, insert the X BASE = 0; Y BASE = 0; Z STAR = 0; Z DEPTH OF CUT = 0.2 & HEIGHT = 1.5

Finally save the project by clicking “Post to File”

Step 5
Once the file is properly saved and ready to run make sure to check the position (using the jog shuttle) of the letter in perspective with the 2×4 wood (If the letters seems to small or big, adjust the coordinates accordingly). The G code is shown at the top left corner.
Figure 5: Home screen.

Step 6
Finally press the CYCLE START in order to initiate the process.

Step 7
Once the process is done, remove the wood block from the table and check the final result.
dsc_5552.jpg dsc_5563.jpg



This tutorial's objective was to introduce basic commands and applications for the Thormac 1100 Machine.

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