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1. Control Board.

Find the coil pairs, Green -A1, Black -A2, Red -B1, Blue -B2.


2. If you finish the connecting between board and stepper motor, do the operational test using chilipeppr.

01. Access using Chrome (other browsers are not suitable).

02. Download Serial Port JSON Server (it is included in this software)

03. Input proper number to X and Y axis.

04. In my case, the Stepper motor operated, but the rod didn't rotated, so I have to find the original problem. The original problem is action and reaction. When Rod is rotate, it need to stand the power of motor, so I made a support

05. connect the hot wire and power supply to make a hot wire and try to move x-axis. but, in my case, all of sudden, the rod is stopped, it is from broken balance of the rod, so I have to fix the balance problem.

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