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Running ROS scripts

*This page will describe how to run ROS programs of Furo that are currently being used.*

Roscore is necessary for nodes to establish communication with each other. Rosmaster provides the naming and registration services to the nodes.

  $ roscore

The joy_node script is to convert joystick value to digital value.

  $ rosrun joy joy_node

The furo script is a topic is both a publisher as well as subscriber at the same time. Obtaining value from the joystick, converting it to a float data type and passes it to the motor controller.

  $ rosrun learning_joy furo

The roboclaw.launch script is to control the motor controller that is connected to the wheels of FURO.

  $ roslaunch roboclaw_node roboclaw.launch

The script is a subscriber that receives value from joystick node and enables Furo's head movement.

  $ rosrun head_motor

The is a publisher that detects people's face and transfer the x,y coordinates of people's face to the script.

  $ rosrun facedetect

The script is a subscriber that receives the x,y coordinate of a person's face and enable Furo to move toward the person.

  $ rosrun head_motor
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