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Assembly Airplane frames

*If you arranged the wire well enough, combine both body frames then grab it tightly. Actually the manual tells you should bond the frames, but you don't know what would happen in the future flight. so I want to recommend to tape the frame very tight. Afterwards, put one long leftover plastic tube into downside of the body, then tape it. At last, bond the Tail/Rudder wing part on the body.

* Hold the motor part tightly.

* Fasten a propeller with washer and bolt.

* Bond the carbon fiber tube on one of the wings, then cover it.

* Bond the cover from the wing on the other wing.

* Slide the wing with the tube into the body, then slide the other wing until it attach to another.

* Bond the female locking plate at a slot on the body.

* Put the male locking plate into the pilot space frame.

* Mount the pilot space frome on the body.

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