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-====Transportation==== ​ 
 ====Living essentials==== ====Living essentials====
 +The Dorm that Santiago and I were put into is the Hwaam Dorm. It is the cheapest dorm that KAIST has. The reasons for this is that are:
 +  *It is one of the oldest dorms
 +  *It is the farthest away from campus (A 30min bus ride)
 +  *It is in the mountains thus bugs are abundant. ​
 +Our room has two beds, desks, and closets and a room for the toilet and shower. It also seems that no matter what Dorm you are put in you will have to procure your own bedding. ​
 +I like sleeping with the ac on while my room mate Santiago doesn'​t,​ luckily we were able to find an unused fan at the lab to use in our room.
 +===Food=== ​
 +There is a cafeteria at our Hwaam dorm (which is actually not bad) but unfortunately we are rarely there to use it. Thus we usually use the main cafeteria on campus. There is a cafeteria style line setup at the back with other stores lining the side walls. Giving you options on what to have for lunch or dinner. However please be noted that the cafeterias run on strict time schedules so if you miss it you miss it. When we do miss them we can either go off campus or to the Lotteria (Asian McDonalds) or the convenience store on campus.  ​
 +To get from the Hwaam dorm to Kaist and back there are three options:
 +  * 
 ====Night life==== ====Night life====
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