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Adding the Double Control Framework to your —————————————————————————————————————————–

Author: Tristan Brodeur Email: [email protected] Date: Last modified on 12/29/16 Keywords: Alexa, Lambda



Add the Double Control SDK to your app.

This SDK provides access to basic driving controls from a custom iOS application.


Configuring the framework to your custom app

-Copy the DoubleControlSDK.framework into your app's folder -Add DoubleControlSDK.framework to your app -Add the ExternalAccessory.framework to your app -Add an entry in Info.plist for “Supported external accessory protocols” > Item 0=com.doublerobotics.pancho -#import <DoubleControlSDK/DoubleControlSDK.h> -Add <DRDoubleDelegate> -[DRDouble sharedDouble].delegate = self;

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