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 **Connecting the Threaded Rod** **Connecting the Threaded Rod**
-1. Prepare the Threaded Rod x4+1. Prepare the M10x1m ​Threaded Rod x4 and M10 Prong Tee Nut x4
 {{:​20160407_192854.jpg?​200|}} -2 {{:​20160407_192854.jpg?​200|}} -2
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 2. Cut the Rod for 22 inch x2 using Hand Saw 2. Cut the Rod for 22 inch x2 using Hand Saw
 +{{:​20160406_175952.jpg?​200|}} -3
 +3. Make a suitable size square (ex.5x5cm diameter) to connect the Tee nut, and make a 1cm diameter whole and then connect the Tee nut to the square using Hammer.
 +{{:​20160406_180004.jpg?​200|}} -4
 +4. Attach the Square to the stand of Y axis and the Moving square of Y axis.
 +{{:​20160408_175819.jpg?​200|}} -5
 +5. Connect the Threaded Rod, the original size is to X-axis and the cutting size is Y-axis.
 +5-1 before connecting, making a whole in the Y-axis moving whole and then connect the Hook for attaching the Wire.
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