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Materials Needed

The following are suggested location to buy the material used for this project.

  • Lunch Box-A standard metal lunchbox feel free to pick any visual design-$15
  *[[|Wood board]]-Used for the mounding of components, sudjested to use spare wood  this purchase would leave excess- $12
  • 1rpm Motor- Used to rotate the diffraction disc, allowing for the diffracted pattern to change-$25
  *[[|1-1/2in Square Mirrors]]-used within the box to direct the laser beam to the correct location on the diffraction disc-$9
  • 12inx12in Perforated Aluminum-used to fabricate the removal handles and motor mount-$18
  *[[|12inx24inx1/8in Clear Acrylic]]- clear acrylic sheet used for diffraction disc from-$5
  • X Cross Laser-a simple red laser with a operation voltage of 3.5v to 5 v-$18 
  *[[|Proto Board]]-Base component to solder other electronic components together-$3
  • 12v Power Supply-Power adapter allowing standard wall power socket to power the device-$5

Electronic Components

Each of the following is needed per major component(laser or motor).

  • 5v power regulator
  • capacitor
  • 240ohm resistor
  • male/female barrel connector
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