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 +**-Make the airframe, Attach the deck**
 +{{:​planedesign2.jpg?​200|}} {{:​img_5771.jpg?​200|}}
 +1. Follow the template to cut the airframe out of the foamed plastic insulation.
 +2. Cut the propeller hole, then attach the deck on the airframe. Afterwards, tape the edge side of the airframe not to be broken easily.
 +2. Cut the elevon free by making a single beveled cut of around 30 deg as shown above. It's not that necessary to be 30 deg though. just keep it constant for the length of the elevon. Make sure you use scotch packaging tape to secure the elevons
 +3. Make a 1/2" slot in the elevon mid-span, to creat 2 elevons that move independently.
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