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 ==== What I learned in Korea ==== ==== What I learned in Korea ====
 +What I learned was about how Koreans understand friendships. I learned that because the culture is based on the group many people in general have to act friendly with others they may not like. This is why true friends are uncommon. When people find true friends they are not just a friend but are similar to siblings who can talk about anything to each other. I also learned that making friends isn't only about meeting people with similar interests but also about meeting the right person at the right time. I met a friend who could speak less English than I can Korean, at first I was confused why he enjoyed hanging out with me, because communication was not easy. When I asked him (through a friend who could speak both English and Korean) why he explained to me that it was because I was able to fist bump him without being awkward the first time we met. He felt that we had met at the right time and the right place and wanted to keep the friendship. I had never made a friend like this before, as up till now all of my friends had been made because we had similar interests. ​   ​
 ==== Project status ==== ==== Project status ====
 +This week I spent time polishing my past log entries to make sure they do not have any spelling errors and reflect my experience in Korea correctly. I also started working on the 3min video to show what Santiago and I had worked on and experienced in Korea. I have also begun working on creating the PODO and AL tutorials that will have all of the knowledge we learned from the HUBO KAIST lab members. ​
 ====Photo of the week ==== ====Photo of the week ====
 +This was taken at Seoul train station. Some of the WEST interns from UNLV had finished their internship and had returned to Korea. Santiago and I had some time before our flight and took some time to catch up with them. It was great and an interesting experience to meet up with people I met at UNLV in Korea. ​
 ==== What I learned about myself ==== ==== What I learned about myself ====
 +I learned that I do not feel sad about leaving friends. I feel this is because I do not believe this is the last time I will meet them. Since I will meet them again in the future there is no need to feel sad.  ​
 ==== New People I met this week ==== ==== New People I met this week ====
 +This week I didn't meet anyone new.
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