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 \\ \\  \\ \\ 
 The rest of this tutorial is presented as follows: The rest of this tutorial is presented as follows:
-  * [[hitechnic_angle_encoder#​programming|programming]]+  * [[hitechnic_angle_encoder#​programming|Programming]]
   * [[hitechnic_angle_encoder#​example|Example]]   * [[hitechnic_angle_encoder#​example|Example]]
-  * [[hitechnic_angle_encoder#​measure_pendulum_angle|Measure Pendulum Angle]] 
   * [[hitechnic_angle_encoder#​final_words|Final Words]]   * [[hitechnic_angle_encoder#​final_words|Final Words]]
 ===== Programming ===== ===== Programming =====
 +To use LabVIEW to program Hitechnic NXT Angle Sensor, you must first installed LabVIEW module for LEGO MINDSTORMS. Follow [[labview_nxt_tutorial#​installation_guide| this link]] for direction on how to install LabVIEW or the MINDSTORMS module.
 +To access block diagram nodes for Angle Sensor, go to ''​Function Palette''​ -> ''​MINDSTORMS Robotics''​ -> ''​I/​O''​ -> ''​Additional Sensors''​ -> ''​Hitechnic Sensors''​.
 +{{ :​yuhang:​hitechnic_angle_encoder:​hitechnic_block_diagram.png?​500 |}} 
 +To receive inputs from Angle Sensor, use the ''​HT Read''​ node. The ''​HT Read''​ node is a polymorphic VI and Angle Sensor is one instance of the node. Click on the text box below the node to browse different implementations. ​
 +{{ :​yuhang:​hitechnic_angle_encoder:​ht_read.png | HT Read}}
 +HT Read have four different implementations:​
 +  *''​Angle'':​ returns the rotation position of a rotating axle from 0 – 359 degrees with 1 degree accuracy
 +  *''​Total Angle'':​ returns the accumulated number of degrees an axle has rotated
 +  *''​RPM'':​ returns the speed of the axle rotation in RPM (revolutions per minute)
 +  *''​All Info'':​ returns all three readings in a cluster structure
 +To reset the angle and accumulated angle, use the HT config node, which can be assessed under ''​Hitechnic Sensors''​.
 +''​HT Wait For'',​ which is also under ''​Hitechnic Sensors''​ group, can also be used to interact with Angle Sensor.
 +  *''​Within 1 Degree'':​ wait until Angle Sensor angle reading is within 1 degree of the targeted value
 +  *''​Within 5 Degree'':​ wait until Angle Sensor angle reading is within 5 degree of the targeted value
 +  *''​Change'':​ wait until Angle Sensor accumulated angle is more than the targeted value
 +{{ :​yuhang:​hitechnic_angle_encoder:​wait_for.png | HT Wait For}}
 ===== Example ===== ===== Example =====
-===== Measure Pendulum ​Angle =====+Here is a simple example that displays the three sensor readings from Angle Sensor. 
 +{{ :​yuhang:​hitechnic_angle_encoder:​example_block_diagram.png | Block Diagram}} 
 +{{ :​yuhang:​hitechnic_angle_encoder:​front_panel_set_up.png?​500 | Front Panel}} 
 ===== Final Words ===== ===== Final Words =====
-This tutorial'​s objective was to <fill in the blank>. Complete <choose: construction details, source code and program ​descriptions>​ for <fill in the blank>. Once the concepts were conveyed the reader could <fill in the blank>​. +This tutorial'​s objective was to demonstrate how to use LabVIEW to program ​HiTechnic Angle Sensor. Once the concepts were conveyed the reader could use LabVIEW module for Lego MINDSTORM to program NXT and HiTechnic Angle Sensor.
-\\ +
-\\ +
-Speculating future work derived from this tutorial, includes <fill in the blank>. In the big picture, the problem of <fill in the blank> can be solved with this tutorial.+
 \\ \\
 \\ \\
-For questions, clarifications,​ etc, Email: <> ​+For questions, clarifications,​ etc, Email: <> ​
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